Excerpts of Selected Works

Below is a partial listing of excerpts of selected works. You can listen to the more recent of these on Soundcloud.com.

…Of Quiet Reflection – string quartet
Canvases – Real and Imagined – (revision) large chamber ensemble

Statim Post Bang – (revision) 2 violins and string orchestra
Nightscape – (revision) Bb clarinet, 2 pianos
Still Life – (revision) string quartet and piano
On the Death of Those… – (revision) piano concerto/chamber orchestra
Into the Earth – (revision) chorus, amplified classical guitar
Into the Earth – (revision) string octet, amplified classical guitar
Speed Limit 2 – string quartet
Chaos in Aftermath – string quartet, double bass, harp, vibraphone, tam-tam, bass drum

FY – two classical guitars
Arialise – soprano, vibraphone, harp, piano
Dead Inside – brass quintet
Eleven Days in October – string quartet
Night Terrors – string sextet

After the Dark Times – Chorus and Orchestra

Chaos in Aftermath – orchestra

Restoration – String Quintet
Speed Limit – cello concerto
Speed Limit – flute, guitar, cello, bass, percussion
Pile Driver – solo piano
What Remains – violin, viola, cello, harp, vibraphone, marimba

Twenty Years Gone – orchestra
Risen – string orchestra
Risen – string sextet
Through Time – a nine movement concerto for guitar and string quartet

Not as it Seems – two classical guitars
Speed Limit mvmt 1– a concerto for cello and chamber ensemble
Speed Limit mvmt 2– a concerto for cello and chamber ensemble
Risen – string sextet
Closing Call – solo Bb trumpet

Four Miniatures – solo piano
Apparition – piano trio
Apparition 2 – piano trio and satb chorus
Before Light – modified orchestra brass, strings, and percussion
Out of Context – flute trio

Broken Being – 3 violins, viola, cello, bass
Five – a concerto for piano and chamber orchestra
Faded Relics – 2 violins, cello, piano
Space Between – string quartet, piano, and percussion
Darker Recesses – solo guitar

Closing Distance – brass quintet
Dark Black Music – string orchestra
Image Noir – string orchestra

String Theory – string orchestra
At the Precipice – solo guitar
Speed Limit – solo cello
After – opera in 3 acts
Thin Ice – 2 guitars and cello

Descent into Sentience – solo flute
Still Life – string quartet and piano
One, Many – solo piano

Channel Switching – string quartet

…Upon Further Review… – solo violin
…Upon Further Review… – string quartet
…Upon Further Review… – string quartet and orchestra

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